How To Read Piano Notes

The Staff

When learning how to read piano notes, an important first step is understanding the staff. Music is written on a staff. A staff consists of five lines and four spaces. Here’s an example of a staff.

Treble Cleff

Then we have the treble clef. Take a look at the sign for the treble clef below. It is also known as the G clef. The second line of the treble clef is known as the G line. In fact, many people call the treble clef the G clef because it circles the G line.

You will notice that the lines are named E G B D F. One way to remember these letters is by the sentence Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge. lol. Some people prefer Every Good Boy Does Fine. How about the spaces? The spaces spell the word F-A-C-E.

Bass Cleft

As we learn how to read piano notes, let’s turn to the bass clef. Take a look at the bass clef below.